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Brooklyn to Boston by Bike (blog)

I spent five days biking from Brooklyn to Boston with my friends Matt and Jen in the spring of 2016. The weather didn't quite cooperate, but it ended up being an incredible and memorable journey nevertheless.

Middleborough – Marshfield

Distance: 29 miles (46.7 km)
Elevation Gain: 838 feet (255.4 m)

We encountered a raw and persistent wind as we set off from Middleborough, past cranberry bogs and honey farms. I could feel my wheel wobble as we sped down route 58. We fly when Jen leads—exactly what we needed as we tried to beat the storm Matt spotted on the radar. We didn't quite make it—got caught in the downpour and rush hour traffic from route 3 in the last 6 or so miles. It might have been a lot of fun had it been warm. Ashley, Jeremy, and eventually their golden retriever/poodle Holly, welcomed us—soaking wet—into their home in Marshfield, about 30 miles north from where we began. We're their first Airbnb guests!

Katarina Yee