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Urban Cycling


Urban Cycling

Zipping around by bike is my favorite way to get around any city—or from one city to another. I’m always thinking about how to make it better through digital experiences, in-person events, or physical products.



Biketinerary is a mobile app and audio guide of curated tours based on a city's bikeshare network. Using GPS data, Biketinerary knows where its users are, helping to locate the closest bikeshare stations and sites to visit, and mapping out fun routes. During the ride, the app measures the user’s location and velocity. Audio cues give her directions to navigate the city, and highlight interesting facts as she rides and stops at recommended points of interest.


Bicycle Bites

Bicycle Bites is a series of events that celebrate Brooklyn’s international dumplings. Led by local guides, riders explore the diversity of Brooklyn's neighborhoods by bicycle, while fueling their rides with delicious dumplings from local businesses. I launched Bicycle Bites on Kickstarter, where it was featured as a Project We Love, and fully-funded in three days.


Bells & Yells

Bells & Yells is a device mounted onto a bicycle that uses sensors to detect pedestrians obstructing bike lanes and plays one of two sounds to alert them of the oncoming cyclist. If there’s an obstacle within 15 to 20 feet of the cyclist, Bells & Yells plays sleigh bells as a friendly warning; any closer though, and it will play a kookaburra bird call, an unusual sound in any city that will surely command attention.