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Alphabet Posters

Alphabet Posters

Fruits & Vegetables

An early prototype of the poster.

A friend asked me to create an alphabet poster for her daughter, whose bedroom is farm-themed. We also split a farm share, so I tried my best to include the fruits and vegetables we've received from our CSA. Most of the produce depicted is grown locally!

I created each of the fruits and vegetables and kerned each word in Adobe Illustrator. Then I laid out small (11” x 17” and 12” x 18”), medium (18” x 24” and 20” x 30”), and large (24” x 36”) versions in InDesign. I found a local digital printer to reproduce the posters, which have made great gifts for friends and family with and without kids.


I loved the look of an assortment of screws arranged as letters. I photographed each letter against a black background, using a tripod to retain consistency. After the photo shoot, I used Photoshop to remove visible dust particles, adjust the background to be true black, and resize the photos based on poster size. I laid out small (12” x 18”), medium (18” x 24”), and large (24” x 36”) versions in InDesign.